Central Water Basin Reformer


Mrs. Vasquez-Wilson is the proud daughter of Mexican immigrants. Her mother Olga from Sinaloa and father Luis from Michoacán reared 6 children in Lynwood, Ca all of which pursued higher education.  Born at Dominguez Valley Hospital in Compton, Leticia attended Our Lady of Victory School in Compton, Ca and graduated from Lynwood High School. 

At an early age Mrs. Vasquez-Wilson made a conscious decision to dedicate her life to public service.  She worked her way through college as a teacher’s assistant for Los Angeles Unified School District at Compton Avenue Elementary School in Watts. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Master’s Degree in Public Policy & Administration and Master’s Degree in Education from Pepperdine University.  After graduating college, she worked for the Young Women’s Christians Association -a feminist organization located in the city of Compton- dedicated to providing services aimed at empowering women and eliminating racism.
Mrs. Vasquez-Wilson is a lifelong educator and has taught for Lynwood Unified School District, South Gate’s Stanford Elementary School and Annalee Elementary School in Carson. She currently teaches for Compton Community College and National University. She left teaching for several years after being recruited to work as Director of Legislative Services for former U.S. Congressman Mervyn M Dymally. 

In 2005 Vasquez made history as the city of Lynwood’s first Latina mayor. At the time, she led one of the city's most aggressive lobbying efforts bringing millions of dollars for new parks, schools, housing, shopping centers, streets and a new state-of-art senior citizen center. 

In 2012 Vasquez was elected to the Central Basin Municipal Water District where she spearheaded efforts to reform the historically troubled agency. She personally filed a whistleblower lawsuit on behalf of our working families to recover over $2.7 million stolen from Central Basin similar to lawsuits filed in the cities of Bell and South Gate in the aftermath of their corruption scandals. (Leticia Vasquez V. Sedgwick LLP, Buchalter Nemer, Douglass E. Wance; and Curtis Parvin; Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 518653). 

Director Vasquez has brought numerous water conservation programs into our neighborhoods including the popular ‘Turf it Out’ program. There have been NO water rate increases during her time as a Central Basin Boardmember. 
She is married to Attorney Ronald Wilson with two children. 




Este mes de noviembre sere candidata a la reelección a la mesa directiva de Central Basin. Como nuevo Directora heredé muchos años de mala gestión, incluyendo un escándalo de corrupción política que implica un ex senador del estado de California que recientemente se declaró culpable de cargos de corrupción.

He trabajado duro y luchado para instituir reformas muy necesarias durante mis cuatro años en el cargo. Nuestro camino no ha sido perfecto, pero la agencia ha cambiado definitivamente la forma en que se lleva a cabo los asuntos del pueblo. Durante los próximos días y semanas, voy a disponer todas las reformas que hemos instituido año tras año. Respetuosamente pido su apoyo y voto en noviembre de 2016. Favor de compartir este post.