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Maywood Reformer and City Clerk Endorses Leticia Vasquez for Central Basin Water Board

Gerardo Mayagoitia, a longtime Maywood activist and current city clerk for Maywood has endorsed Director Leticia Vasquez in her upcoming re-election bid for the Central Basin Water Board.

Gerardo Mayagoitia has been fighting corruption in the Southeast for the past two decades. He’s been featured in many local newspapers including the LA Times for exposing the back-room dealings and cozy relationships elected officials have with private contractors.

Director Leticia Vasquez Gearing Up Re-Election Bid

This November, Director Leticia Vasquez will be running for re-election for the Central Basin Municipal Water District Board of Directors. When Director Vasquez first got elected back in 2012, she inherited years of mismanagement that included a political corruption scandal involving a former CA State Senator who recently plead guilty to corruption charges.

Since then, Director Leticia Vasquez has fought tirelessly to institute much needed reforms during her first term in office. Reforms that would: