Central Water Basin Reformer

Top 10 Reforms Central Basin Now Has to Hold Agency Accountable

The Central Basin Water Board has had its fair share of problems and controversy throughout the years. And it’s not because the water agency doesn’t work well for its taxpayers (it is actually a great agency that provides much needed water rebates and services to working-class families) but has not worked in the past because it has been mismanaged by special interests hacks that love operating your tax dollars in secrecy.

Director Leticia Vasquez philosophy to counter this is simple.

  • Remove money influence from Board Directors
  • And make agency business, budgets and bidding transparent and online for the world to see

Here are the TOP 10 Reforms Board Director Leticia Vasquez has implemented at Central Basin:

  1. Immediate freeze on water rate increases
  2. Immediate freeze of Director Pay
  3. Immediate freeze on Director Travel Budget
  4. Required that Board Meetings be made available online for public review
  5. Ended 2 expensive lawsuits that were costing the taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees
  6. Ended the long-standing practice of awarding no-bid contracts
  7. Called for and successfully initiated third-party audit of agency finances
  8. Called for and successfully initiated third-party investigation that uncovered a secret “slush-fund” used to funnel money tax payer money to allies and political friends
  9. Recovered $2.7 million dollars that were stolen from taxpayers through illegal overbilling practices
  10. Filed a whistleblower lawsuit on behalf of our working families to recover over $2.7 million stolen from Central Basin similar to lawsuits filed in the cities of Bell and South Gate in the aftermath of their corruption scandals. (Leticia Vasquez V. Sedgwick LLP, Buchalter Nemer, Douglass E. Wance; and Curtis Parvin; Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC 518653)