Central Water Basin Reformer

Maywood Reformer and City Clerk Endorses Leticia Vasquez for Central Basin Water Board

Gerardo Mayagoitia, a longtime Maywood activist and current city clerk for Maywood has endorsed Director Leticia Vasquez in her upcoming re-election bid for the Central Basin Water Board.

Gerardo Mayagoitia has been fighting corruption in the Southeast for the past two decades. He’s been featured in many local newspapers including the LA Times for exposing the back-room dealings and cozy relationships elected officials have with private contractors.

Like Gerardo, Director Leticia Vasquez has fought to make the proper reforms at Central Basin. Immediately after being elected to the Board, Director and Reformer Leticia Vasquez called on the California State Controller to step in and conduct an independent state audit of the agency. That audit resulted in a series of 32 recommendations and changes that have been completely implemented at Central Basin.

Director Leticia Vasquez has worked tirelessly with our entire region community to bring programs and services like the Colorado River Inspection Tour, State Water Project Tour, Hoover Dam Tour and Diamond Valley Lake Tour. She has taken groups of citizens across the state to learn about how we bring water into work community. She works with everyone to bring resources into our entire south east region.