Central Water Basin Reformer

Mayor of Compton Aja Brown Endorses Director Leticia Vasquez for Central Basin Water Board

Another endorsement from a prominent figure and leader in the City of Compton has endorsed Director Leticia Vasquez for Central Basin Water Board. The Honorable Mayor Aja Brown has thrown his full support and endorsement behind Director and Reformer Leticia Vasquez.

In 2014, Central Basin completed water audits and retrofits at 10 school sites in Compton Unified School District. These retrofits helped save millions of gallons of water and also helped reduce water bills for the District. 

Director Vasquez is one of our community partners. She brings much need resources to our residents including programs on water conservation into our schools. 

Central Basin Director and Reformer Leticia Vasquez has roots in our community and represents portions of Compton. She is the only Central Basin Director to bring resources to this community.