Central Water Basin Reformer

Lynwood Councilman Sal Alatorre Endorses Director & Reformer Leticia Vasquez in Her Re-Election Bid for Central Basin Water Board

Another endorsement from a prominent figure and leader in the City of Lynwood has endorsed Director Leticia Vasquez for Central Basin Water Board.

The Honorable Councilman Sal Alatorre has thrown his full support and endorsement behind Director and Reformer Leticia Vasquez.

"Director Leticia Vasquez has been a great representative for our community. She has helped in leading the reforms at Central Basin and has brought recycled water to our community. She secured thousands of dollars in funding for recycled water for Lynwood City Hall, Ricardo Lara Park and Lynwood Park. She delivers for us!"

- Councilman, Sal Alatorre -


Leticia Vasquez is a former teacher in Lynwood schools and a Lynwood High School Alumni.